13 December 2010

Catching up...Again!!

Okay, okay, I know. I'm such blog a slacker! Pretty much after my pre-baby trip to Anchorage, and once my mom arrived with me on my return, I did not have time to update anything. We spent most of the 3 weeks she was here, however, waiting for baby to arrive, cleaning, etc. I will put up a separate post with the story of the arrival of the new little one. I have, as you might have noticed, updated my "to do" list from 2 months ago. A little embarrassing that it has been so long, but I have been just a *little* busy!
Among other goals for this week - hopefully today though - is FINALLY getting some pictures up on here. I have quilt pics, baby pics, and just general pics of the family to get up. The quilt pics are of two quilts I just finished for a friend's twin boys. They are over a year already (hanging head in shame), and it is about time they get given to those boys! I have another set of twin quilts that I'm working on, but the next two quilts I plan to finish are a pink and brown YBR (Yellow Brick Road) for a friend's baby girl, and an applique animal quilt for another friend's son, who is also over a year now! That friend just had her second baby already, a girl this time, and I need to get started on her quilt too! Ugh. I am also working on some little pocket photo books to give as little Christmas gifts. I suppose I need to add to my "to do" list to finish up my Christmas shopping as well! I have NO IDEA what to get for Erik, and I have to get some movie tickets for my little cousins in CO. So much to do, so little time. I am renewing my commitment to keep my blog updated though, and maybe I will make it a new year's resolution too! haha
Okay, while baby boy (Braydan) has a full belly and is asleep again for a bit, and Keagan is napping, and I'm waiting for some pictures to finish uploading on FB. So, I'm off to attempt to get something productive done before the baby wakes up and wants to eat again! I will try to get the baby story post done later tonight, along with the baby pictures. I actually have to wait for Erik to get home from work to take pictures of the quilts I just finished, so maybe those will come later tonight or tomorrow. When Keagan wakes up, we have cookies to make this afternoon too, so it will be a busy day! Off I go...