08 October 2010

Alderwood Quilts Giveaway

So I have stumbled across and entered a giveaway on the Alderwood Quilts blog. I recommend you all go check out her blog (there are lots of fun things there, from quilting to knitting to recipes to the harvesting of lavendar!) and enter for your own chance to win and Accuquilt GO! cutter! I started following this blog, which gives you an extra chance in the drawing, but also gets you faster access to all her great content! Despite entering for chances to win various prizes as part of the Fall into Fall giveaway, this is one of only 3 blogs I have started following in the past several days, and many of those giveaways offer extra chances for following, so that tells you I think it is a good one! Here is the link to Alderwood Quilts: http://alderwoodquilts.blogspot.com/ Enjoy!

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