20 October 2010

A Little Progress

Well, I bit the bullet & headed into the sewing room last night. Despite feeling like I just needed to go lay down, and feeling overwhelmed just looking around in there, I dug in my heels & got to work. I nearly cleared off the cube shelves, which consisted mainly of emptying out baskets (that will not be used any longer) that had sat in the closet in the old sewing room, and putting away fabric & notions! I also weeded through some other papers, cards, etc., and threw a bunch of stuff away. Today I am going to empty a HUGE Rubbermaid bin that has old jeans in it, but will not fit under the shelves in my closet, by putting them into two smaller tubs that will stack & fit together. There is still much to do in there, but I feel like I have gotten so much closer! I really need to get better about taking pictures of things in progress, and get SOME pictures up here soon. Maybe this afternoon. DH also put a 3rd coat of red paint on the two walls in the nursery last night, so progress is being made. Today I have to go through the last few boxes of baby girl clothes & put them into bins to mark & put in the garage. That will be an easy thing to do while I sit and watch my daughter play. First things first, however, prenatal yoga this afternoon! I so look forward to that each week, and cannot wait for this afternoon. When I get home, DD will be sleeping (hopefully), and I will try to make just a little more progress in the sewing room, and take some pics.
Some good quilty news: While sorting/organizing last night, I found an entire stack of HSTs, same background but each half with a different coordinating fabric. I remember making a baby quilt completely of HSTs a few years back, and remembered that I had accidentally made DOUBLE the number of HSTs that I needed - so they are "boy" colors, and I have a few baby boy quilts that need done. How nice to find that I'm so close to another top being done! lol Now if I can just get a few of them quilted...*SIGH*

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