06 October 2010

It's About Time!

Well, here goes nothing. Since I've had this blog for a while now, probably at least a year if not longer, I figure it is about time to get started and actually make my first post. Since there is only one person in the entire world at this point following - or who is aware of the fact that I even have a blog, for that matter - maybe she will be patient with me while I set this thing up & figure out how to use it so that it does not continue to languish, and so it is not totally lame!! So...here goes nothing. Aside from taking inspiration from a slew of blogs I've been visiting lately (once I figure out how, I will post links to my favorites of course), I am currently pregnant with baby #2, and on semi-bed rest. That means that I should have a little bit of time on my hands to get this puppy going. What is semi-bed rest you might be asking (or more likely are not, but I'm going to tell you anyway, because that's how I roll)? This means that I am not on strict orders to be in bed & never get up again, for any reason. I am, however, on orders to "titrate [my] activity level based on how [I'm] feeling, and rest accordingly." Basically, that means get up and do one or two things, then sit or lay back down, laying down for longer periods of time if I am having lots of contractions & feel like I need to rest more. Oh - that is the reason for the semi-bed rest. I've been having way too many Braxton-Hicks (not real) contractions, and a few that are likely real prelabor contractions, and it is not yet time for this baby boy to arrive! So anyway, it is really tough to not get up and do the things that need doing sometimes. It is especially annoying that many of the things that need doing are things I should not be doing - namely lifting & moving things around. This whole baby #2 thing, while not totally unexpected, has thrown a wrench into my quilting life. You see, my sewing room shares a kids' themed bathroom with my daughter's room and thus it makes the most sense that between the two available rooms, this should be the nursery. That means my sewing room has to move. It is moving to the opposite end of the hallway, into the guest room. All the nice furniture has been removed, but we left the bed in there so it can actually still work when guests come. But, it has been a very long and arduous process moving all of my crap - and there is a LOT of it - from my "old" sewing room into the "new" sewing room! It has all been made worse by my bed rest, and the fact that what little time I have that could be spent working on these things, I cannot now do them due to the whole semi-bed rest thing. It is a process, and there is progress being made, so I suppose I cannot complain too much. I am getting rather tired of the random, extra pieces of furniture in the hallway and living room, however, and would really just like to have the room emptied so my hubby can get the nursery painted, and the crib & other furniture in place so I can wash the bedding, and wash & put away baby's clothes. So, to end my first rambling post (of probably many), I am going to set out a goal: By the end of this coming weekend, I hope to have the room completely cleared out, and at least the first coat of paint done, if not both! Once that has been accomplished, it will be smooth sailing to finish the nursery set up, and then I can continue to work on the organization of my "new" sewing room. That too, is an ongoing process, but I have done well, I think, so far in beginning to get things organized enough that I will know where everything is & will be able to find what I need and pick up & work on a project right away once the sewing table & machine have been moved into the room. So blogger friends - okay, friend, let's be honest - wish me luck! Hopefully I can start figuring this blogging thing out (any pointers welcomed!), and get the two rooms organized so that I can relax a little and enjoy the last of my one on one time with my little girl before her baby brother arrives!

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