21 October 2010

Facing Oncoming Progress...

Okay, so DD did not nap well, barely at all, yesterday, in fact, so I did not get around to putting up pictures. I also did not do anymore work in the sewing room yesterday. However, I have a guest coming from Anchorage tonight for the weekend, and will thus have to clear off the bed, which of course means all that stuff has to be put away! This is causing me a small amount of stress, but is a good thing over all. It will force me to get in there & get things put away! Even if they are not perfectly organized, they will be put away in some semblance of a manner that will allow me to go in and sew next week!! This is very exciting.
I went to my weekly prenatal yoga class yesterday. It was really hard, which it has not been before. Getting up and down, and not being able to do a couple of poses, tells me I am getting closer. Have my now weekly appointment with the midwife today, and I am interested to see what she says and if I have made any progress. I am SO ready to be done being preggo and have this baby already, but on the other hand, there are still many things to do around the house before we are ready for baby or my parents arrival! Nursery is completely painted, so I'm hoping that DH will get in there and clean up and clear out tools, etc., tonight & start putting the furniture in! One can only hope.
One thing I did do yesterday was go through the rest of the boxes of baby girl clothes from the garage, and sort them into tubs. I am pretty sure there is still one box missing somewhere out there that DH couldn't find to bring in, because I have no newborn sized stuff, and I know we had some. Hopefully he can find that tonight so I can get that job completely finished. I pulled out all the cute little things that could be worn by boys too, and will sort those into the appropriate bins &/or the dresser once it is in the nursery! The chair I bought for the nursery is still all wrapped up, sitting in our living room, which is making me crazy. Hoping that also makes it into the nursery tonight so I can stop looking at it taking up space out here!! I am slowly checking things off of my to do list for the week. Just seems like I cannot get it all done quickly enough. *sigh*
I see I have follower #2 today - hi Viki! lol Glad there are now 2 people out there in blog land paying attention to my drivel! haha Very exciting for me. Well, I am off to work on the guest room & study for my midterm. Hope to have some major progress to post tomorrow, and hopefully one of these days, some pictures!

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